Plum in its own juice

Ingredients for Making Plums in Own Juice

  1. Plum fresh 2 kilograms
  • Main Ingredients Plum


Sterilized jars with lids, pan, kitchen knife, cutting board, kitchen towels.

Making plums in your own juice:

Step 1: prepare the plums.

For cooking, you will need solid plums that have not yet managed to fully ripen the plums.

Be sure to sort them out, peeling fruits from twigs and leaves. Then rinse very carefully several times with warm, but not hot, running water. Put washed plums on kitchen towels in one layer and leave to dry. Let lie down so for 3 hours, do not need anymore.

Divided washed and dried plums into halves and remove from each bone. In fact, you can harvest them whole, taking out the bone with a small incision, but the halves are included in the jar better and more convenient.

Step 2: lay the plums on the banks.

Take liter sterile jars and lay the halves of the plums inside. So simple, without adding anything else.

Stack fruit slices very tightly to each other, filling the jar not just to the brim, but even with interest. The thing is that, as a result, the plums will settle and the banks will be filled in the end will be a little more than half. This is normal, it should be so.

Step 3: sterilize the plums.

Now plums in jars are loosely covered with lids and made up in a large pan, the bottom of which is covered with a kitchen towel. In the same pan (not in containers with plums!), Pour pure water so that it reaches the shoulders of the cans, and put everything on fire. Bring to a boil, reduce the power so that water is not poured over the fruit, and sterilize the plums in a water bath for 15 minutes.
Hot jars with plums are immediately removed from the pan and rolled up or tightly closed with sterilized lids. Turn it upside down and leave to cool for one day, and after plum in our own juice, send it to storage or try.
Attention: add more plums into the jars after sterilization is impossible.

Step 4: serve the plums in our own juice.

Plums in their own juice - a wonderful winter dessert. It is so nice to please yourself with fresh fruits, when outside the window it is snowing all the time and there are huge, impassable snowdrifts. Eat plums with tea just like that or add them to various pies as a filling, or prepare delicious desserts. It all depends on your desire and imagination, but I think that you will find canned plum worthy of use and in the cold you will delight your loved ones with sweet desserts that remind of summer.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- This quantity of plums is enough for three cans of one liter.

- To store plums in their own juice is not necessary in the refrigerator, but away from heat and heating appliances, such as stoves or batteries.

- Harvest plums in small jars, so they are more convenient to store and eat.