Coleslaw with bell pepper

Ingredients for making coleslaw with bell pepper

  1. White cabbage 0.5 head
  2. Bulgarian pepper 1-2 pieces
  3. Carrot 1 piece (large)
  4. Green onion 1 bunch
  5. Fresh dill 1 bunch
  6. Salt 2 pinches
  7. Unrefined sunflower oil 4 tablespoons
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Carrot, Pepper
  • Serving 3 servings
  • World Cuisine


Deep salad bowl, kitchen knife, cutting board, medium or large grater, tablespoon, a knife for cleaning vegetables.

Cooking cabbage salad with bell pepper:

Step 1: Prepare the cabbage.

From the top of the head, remove the stale and darkened leaves, and then be sure to rinse the cabbage from possible dirt and adhering dust. Chop the remaining fresh cabbage leaves into small strips. Important: do not forget to also cut the bitter stalk and do not cut the leaves with it.

Step 2: Prepare the pepper.

For cooking, it is better to take multi-colored bell peppers, as this will add variety to the appearance of the salad and make it more delicious. Cut the vegetables into halves and take out the ponytails and seed kernels. Rinse the ingredients inside and out, and then chop each pepper into thin strips.

Step 3: Prepare the carrots.

Carrots should be thoroughly washed under running water, after peeling off the peel, and rinse again. Pure carrots are easiest to grind with a grater, but special craftsmen can chop it with thin strips, as if they were cooking carrots in Korean.

Step 4: Prepare the onion.

Rinse the onion feathers under a stream of warm water and shake, getting rid of moisture. Crush this ingredient with very thin rings.

Step 5: Prepare the dill greens.

Rinse dill greens, as well as onions, and then cut off thick stems from it, they are stiff and completely unsuitable for making salad. Cut the remaining leaves as finely as possible.

Step 6: Mix the coleslaw with bell pepper.

In a deep salad bowl, mix cabbage and carrots, add salt and mix well, squeezing the vegetables very slightly with a tablespoon. Wait 10-15 minutes until cabbage with carrots gives a little juice. Then add the dill, onion and bell pepper, mix the salad again, try to taste the salt, if necessary, add it a little more. And in the end it remains only to season the vegetables with sunflower oil and mix all the last time. That's all, the dish is ready to be served.

Step 7: Serve the coleslaw with bell pepper.

Coleslaw and bell pepper salad are very tasty for breakfast, as well as for lunch or dinner, combining it with various hot dishes, such as mashed potatoes or meat cutlets. And you can also offer this dish to guests gathered at the festive table as a light snack, I assure you, cabbage salads are always welcome on any table, especially if you decorate them with fragrant fresh green leaves. So enjoy a light and incredibly healthy salad.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- To taste, you can replace sunflower oil with olive oil, it turns out also very tasty.

- The proportions of the ingredients can be changed depending on how you like more.

- Some season this salad not with oil, but with mayonnaise, it also turns out to be very tasty, but not so healthy and much fatter.

- I sometimes add a few pickled cucumbers to this salad, literally one or two things.